Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning programmes are designed to each individual business, with skilled and competent staff we can create a programme for even the most specific of tasks. From full time staff on the premise, to a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule.

Commercial cleaning can have a variety of elements, common duties our staff perform include, routine cleaning of floors, tiles, windows, carpets, kitchens and emptying of dustbins. Cleaning of desks, cabinets and shelves. Complete restroom cleaning, including installation of equipment, replacing toilet paper, paper towels, refilling of soap dispensers and sanitizers, Monthly deep cleaning of toilets, basins and showers.

We offer deep cleaning of all forms of carpets, treating them with specially designed carpet shampoos to clean most forms of stains while given off a new fresh smell. Carpet cleaning can be done once off or regularly to keep your carpets clean, soft and like new.

We also clean and polish furniture and upholstery in homes and offices, living room couches, dining room tables, chairs and desks at home, and couches in reception areas, office desks, chairs and tables. Any material furniture and upholstery can be cleaned or polished to give it that new look.