Sleep Fresh Walk Fresh Laundry offers professional laundry services in the heart of Middelburg. We are in the business of saving you time so you can do the things you love doing. We do your laundry so you can do life. Let us take the chore of laundry out of your hands.


Laundry                                per kg
Wash Only                           R13
Wash, Dry & iron                R25
Wash & Dry                         R20
Iron only                              R16
Dry only                               R15


Fleece blanket                    R50
Single bed                            R75
Double bed | 1ply      R90
Double bed | 2ply*            R100
Double bed | 3ply**   R150

**NB** Some 2ply blankets are very thick and can only be hand washed, therefore they will be charged as a 3ply. ** 3ply blankets are hand washed and air dried.**


Curtains                       per kg
Wash & Dry         R23

Shoes & Sneakers

Kiddies                    R 20
Adults                         R 30
Shoe Care  
Wash Only                  R 25
Wash & Polish R 35
Polish Only                   R 10


Laundry                                Monthly Package
1 Person                                 R 500.00
2 People                                R 750.00
Family of 3                              R 1 000.00
Family of 4                               R 1 250.00
Family of 5 & above                 R 1 500.00