Dry Cleaning Prices

Sleep Fresh Walk Fresh Laundry offers professional laundry services in the heart of Middelburg. We are in the business of saving you time so you can do the things you love doing. We do your laundry so you can do life. Let us take the chore of laundry out of your hands.

Trousers R 70.00
Jackets R 100.00
Jerseys R 70.00
2 Piece Suits R 150.00
3 Piece Suits R 200.00
¾ Coats  R 110.00
Long Coats R 120.00
Cape R 150.00
Tie, Hat, Cap R 40.00
Wedding Dress R 500.00
Plain Dress R 110.00
Long Dress R 130.00
Evening Dress R 150.00
Ladies Sole & Heel R 170.00
Ladies Heel R 85.00
Men’s Sole & Heel R 250.00
Ladies ½ Heel R 130.00
Men`s ½ Sole R 190.00
Top/Jacket R 25.00
Trouser R 20.00
Full Set R 35.00

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